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The 2018 New York City Marathon – Running towards a cure for the 5th year in a row

Did you know: 48 years ago in 1970, the very first New York City Marathon took place; and as everyone warmed up and prepared to take off towards the finish line, only ONE eager competitor was a woman. It’s pretty incredible to look back at the history of the marathon and even more so to see what it has turned into today. Not only are all different people participating, but now nonprofits have a massive platform to use for increasing awareness and raising money for their causes.

On Sunday, November 4th, 2018, Team Jamesy hit the ground running across all five boroughs to show the face of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in front of the millions of people at the race and at home watching. As the organization’s greatest initiative, the marathon is a most anticipated event as it allows us to introduce DMD to new groups, amplifying our message and maximizing our reach.

On our 5th year, we’re proud to announce that the team, packed with dedicated runners who have spent months training for this moment, was the largest it’s ever been. However, reaching fitness goals and exceeding times wasn’t part of the mission, as they had their eyes on an invaluable prize, which was to help children like Jamesy fight DMD. Our runners included: Andrew Saklas, Cecelia Pfleging, Colm O’Connell, Corey Wescoe, Danielle Avalone, Dave Ferber, Devin Castellano, Don Bolton, Emily Aronson, George Faham, Jim Raffone (JAR of Hope Founder and CEO), John “Jake” Korinek, Joseph Ippolito, Karen Raffone, Leslie Carter, Magdalena Marciniak, Noel Avitabile, Olivia Greco, Pat Saklas, Sean Varricchio, Stephen Ingram, and Vincent LaMendola.

Watching the NYC Marathon participants, for lack of a better phrase, “run for their lives” with determination is always exciting, but we can never forget why Team Jamesy gets involved. DMD occurs in every one in three male births, putting the total number of diagnoses somewhere in the high thousands. As the children grow up, they’re met with defeat at every “lap” of the journey. They experience muscle weakness, walking difficulties, entrapment to wheelchairs, and a life sentence with a disease that never quits. They’re fighting for their futures, and we’re committed to making a difference for them by generating awareness and running towards a cure.

Thank you to our 2018 runners for another year of showing just how passionate you are about helping JAR of Hope in the battle against DMD.

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