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h360 HealthTalk: Jim Raffone | JAR of Hope

Dave Dupley of healtheo360 (h360) is joined this week by Jim Raffone, founder and CEO of JAR of Hope. Their mission is to bring awareness and raise funds directed to ongoing research in the hope of eliminating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Take a look at this informative video interview:

Dave is a business and technology strategist for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With a heritage in healthcare marketing, communications, and technology, David has worked with pharmaceutical companies, the medical profession, research organizations and patient groups for over 20 years, completing various types of marketing and strategy projects across almost all disease areas.

David founded healtheo360 in 2013 after his sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer and his mother with Alzheimer’s disease. After unsuccessful efforts with other support groups, due in part to the widening age gap between members of these groups, the family was forced to search for other outlets of social support. In response, healtheo360 was started.  Visit them here.


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