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A Tribute to Jim Raffone

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Tribute to Jim Raffone

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Many have asked…”How does he do it?”

…Because giving up isn’t an option when someone calls you “Daddy”.

Not all superheroes wear capes

Some superheroes wear lime green t-shirts, like Jim Raffone. We’re raising funds for JAR of Hope’s planned Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) study and paying tribute to the valiant efforts of Jim— a father who will stop at nothing to save the life of his son and save many others. In honor of Jim and JAR of Hope, we’re currently accepting donations.

All donations will go directly towards funding the HBOT study—JAR of Hope’s primary fundraising focus which hopes to prove the clinical efficacy of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients. For every $10 donation you will receive a Super Hero Father’s Day card to show appreciation to the super hero in your life.


Please note: orders placed after 6/15 will not arrive for Father’s Day.


  1. Don Hampton

    Jim, i met you last night at Wendy & John’s networking event at Blue claws stadium. My wife Ashley and i were really moved by your words. The information you provided on this terrible disease gave us an awareness to a disease that we didn’t know existed. Keep up the fight, our prayers are with you as we have kids of our own. I can’t comprehend going through what your family is going through. i do know that God gives us what we can handle. He chose you!
    After hearing your words last night, i now know why. You have already brought light to a subject that not a lot of people know or understand. Your now getting a university to start research with hyperbolic chambers and the effect on this disease. You are a fighter as I’m sure your son is. God bless you and your son!!! Don

  2. Kerry

    You are an amazing human. and so is your son. Keep fighting. Your in my prayers.

  3. Barbara D'Amora

    I’m just sooo freakin proud of you. You are incredible all that you have done in such a short time. It’s just amazing how much we can accomplish for our children. You are a shining example of that.

  4. Maggie Ferber

    You are a very special DAD with such Love for your son and such dedication to find a cure for this terrible disease, that there is no stopping you. I am so proud that my son David and Marci are close friends of yours. I hope I will have the pleasure to meet you in the near future.
    May God bless you and give you strength in all your efforts to continue on this journey.

  5. Rosemary Conte

    This is a beautiful story and an inspiring one. When one signs on to become a parent, he has no idea what that will look like. Jim is an amazing dad…doing what a great dad does with love. And thank you, Jerry Carino. Every week in the APPress he introduces readers to people and stories that touch our hearts and are a brief respite from the ugliness in the world news today. (A reminder that when sending donation checks you wish to be used for research only, include a notation on the check:: For HBOT Study

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