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James Raffone

James Raffone Push-Up Challenge

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Doing push-ups is our way of empowering the boys who can’t do them on their own.

We started this campaign to raise awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) – a terminal, muscle wasting disease that is in need of a stabilizing drug, and ultimately a cure.

DMD deprives children of their upper body strength. If they try to do push-ups they will break down muscle fibers in their chest, shoulders, and triceps. Normally, muscles repair themselves by producing a protein called dystrophin, that is used to mend the damage, but in this case, these children don’t have what is needed to heal and rebuild their bodies.


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  1. Jennifer Owenburg

    I wish I had so much more to give! You are so inspiring and I hope and pray for a cure for little Jamesy and all the other boys that suffer from Duchenne!!!

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