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David Ferber 2016 NYC Marathon

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I rarely mix business with my personal life but I am reaching out to any and all of my contacts, friends, family & colleagues in an effort to help save a young boy’s life that is the son of a very close friend of mine.   I apologize in advance if I am putting any of you on the spot.   I appreciate more than you know, any amount of money you are willing/able to donate.

Jamesy is 6/yrs old and was diagnosed at 4yrs old with a form of muscular dystrophy called Duchenne.  There is no cure.   By age 12 James will lose the use of his legs and be wheelchair bound.   By 17/18yrs old he will need to be on a breathing tube and statistics say he will not live past his mid twenties.   Because Duchenne does not effect millions of people, it does not receive much in financial support towards research & development to help develop stabilizer drugs or find a cure.  We are determined to change that and are on the path to doing so.

My friend Jim Raffone(Jamesy’s dad) is on a relentless mission to save his son’s life but he cannot do it alone.   He started Jar Of Hope shortly after his son was diagnosed.  Myself along with many others have become very active and dedicated to raising awareness and fundraising to help find a cure.  Through some holistic approaches and other non-orthodox methods of finding a way to stabilize this disease and find a cure, we have seen signs of improvement and small hints that there could be light at the end of the tunnel for Jamesy and the other young boys affected by this disease.    For example Jamesy spends 2 hours each night, 5 nights a week in a hyperbaric chamber providing pure oxygen to help slow the destruction of muscle tissue in Jamesy’s body.

We have formed a team to run in this years NYC Marathon in support of little Jamesy and all the boys suffering from Duchenne.   Those who know me know I am a fairly fit guy but by NO MEANS a marathon runner, but I am going out of my comfort zone to do anything I can to help.   We must raise awareness and we must find a cure!

I sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and look forward to being able to tell you one day soon that your contribution helped make a difference in finding a cure!


  1. David

    A huge thank you to all of the generous donations coming in!

  2. Lisa and Mike

    Love you dave! Your a great person making the wield a better place

  3. Cheryl and William

    Amazing what you are doing Dave! God bless you and prayers for new discoveries for all who need this.

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