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Danielle Avalone

.Danielle Avalone – NYC Marathon 2018

$1,580 of $5,000 raised

My name is Danielle Avalone and I hate to run. I mean hate it. I played soccer in at Montclair State University. Center mid-field actually and god, I hated it because all I ever did was run…well and occasionally scored a goal or two. But mainly, I just ran wherever my defenders told me to run to. But I was the worst runner and during distance runs at practice I was always last. My coach would yell at me constantly and say that I had to be in the front. Nope, not me. Couldn’t do it.

When I completed my 4 years of playing, I vowed to never run that much ever again. And I don’t think I ever have. I was never motivated to ever do it again. Enter Jim Raffone and JAR of Hope.

I have been affiliated with Jar of Hope for 2 years but recently Jim asked me if I wanted to run the marathon. I laughed and said “No way. I would never run that long and that far just because.” That conversation played over and over in my head and I realized what a donkey’s behind I am. How could I, someone who has been blessed with health and the ability to run, someone who has been blessed with two healthy beautiful little boys, tell a man who has dedicated his life to saving his son and other children from this terminal disease that I would never run that far.

Fast forward and welcome to my campaign page. I still don’t want to run this marathon. It is not a bucket list item, but if it means helping to get one step closer to finding a cure for DMD and Jamesy and all the other children then count me in.

I want to thank my beautiful family, my husband John, Kaitlyn, Jake and Luke for supporting me on this mission, as well as pushing my butt out the door when I am complaining that I don’t want to run!!!

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