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Anthony Pucciarelli

Anthony Pucciarelli

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I am doing the MINI Mudderella Challenge on June 18th, to raise awareness and funds for my little cousin Jamesy. He has a muscle disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This disease will slow him down from doing all that he loves as a 7 year old. I want to raise money for a new study being held at the University of Minnesota.  He is currently using the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in the hopes to keep him stronger longer until a cure is found. My cousin loves to play soccer. He loves to play minecraft.  He loves to be silly like me. If this disease takes over his muscles, he will not be able to have a fun childhood like most of us.  He will lose his ability to run and play. Walk and move his arms.  He will eventually need to go in a wheelchair. This is something that will make all of us very sad, including me, because I love Jamesy so much and we have so much fun when we are together!  I need my cousin to stay strong, so one day he can do this challenge with me when he beats this disease !  Please donate what you can to help my cause and my goal!  Thank you, Anthony Paul Pucciarelli

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