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Mateo Barone: A Selfless Act Lifting Spirits

mateoMateo Barone is a 10 year old boy who heard about JAR of Hope a couple of years ago though his football team. James Raffone went to visit to the team when his son Jamesy was awarded honorary coach for the day. James spoke about Jamesy, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and the effect the disease has on his family and loved ones. His message left a lasting impression, inspiring Mateo to write a letter years later. Mateo’s father delivered this letter to James Raffone during a time of need, which helped James move forward with the strength and courage he needed, all from a little boy’s wish.

Thank you Mateo for proving you can be inspirational and impactful at any age. Your selflessness shows your true spirit which can be admired by all.


His letter reads:

The Special Gift

My holiday wish to give to someone else I would choose a boy named Jamesy Raffone. I would choose him because he has a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I want him to be cured of his disease because he won’t be able to walk or do anything he does today. He should get this wish so that he can live a long healthy life.

My special gift for Jamesy so he can do all of the games that all of the other kids are doing. This will will be granted by raising enough money so doctors can find a cure. He would be able to to play and have fun like a normal kid. If I give him this present he will be very excited. It would be very special because he will get cured. Jamesy should get this present for a lot of reason but, these are just some!


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