Rutgers Unite Half Marathon

$400.00 Raised
$15,000.00 Target

Rutgers Unite Half Marathon

$400.00 of $15,000.00 raised
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Donation Total: $20.00

Teamjamesy24/7 has assembled a strong and united team to run the Rutgers Unite Half Marathon on April 9. This group of dedicated athletes are coming together to raise money and awareness for JAR of Hope, with one single goal -- to end Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a muscle wasting disease affecting so many boys. Please reach out and support our runners by donating to help the cause. Or share this page on Facebook to help spread the word.

Our Runners

Bobby Howland
Stephanie Howland
Bob Howland
Kyle Atkins
Joe Requena
Michael Gonzalez
Richard Grady

Richard Mamary
Louis Pota
Ian Price
Ryan Wescott
Patrick Meehan
Anthony Bruno
James Raffone

Rosario Milano
Michael Brooks
Christine Pogorzelski
David Feber
Kimberly Lombardi
Shaun Johnson
Danielle Avalone

Vincent LaMendola
Paige Arkaden
Thomas Avalone
Jeffrey Davis
Lesa Davis
Joseph Ippolito

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